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Top Shops For The Frugal Mama

I have this wicked eye for the most expensive clothing. If you are anything like me you will know what I am talking about when I say, I somehow always LOVE the most expensive clothing. I have even gone as far as testing myself when browsing the pages of my favourite fashion mag. I cover up the prices and designer names, look at the clothing on the page, and pick my favourite item. Almost always I go for the most designer, and most expensive item…grrr. The problem being…I also have a thing for getting a gooooood deal. There is a real thrill in knowing you got a bargain, and I love it!

Like I mentioned, I love a bargain. I feel it’s a complete waste spending loads of moola on clothing for kids which only last for 6 months; these little ones grow at such a rapid rate!  I also appreciate finding an outfit that not everyone has; something which feels original. To be honest our Little Miss has a wardrobe in competition with my own, and a shoe collection growing at a scary rate. So how do I do it? Here are my top 4 places I love shopping for kids clothes…


1) Once More

An online quality second hand shop, that delivers to your door. Their clothes are in perfect condition and if there is something like a little mark (which there never is!) they stipulate it. Their prices are REALLY good, and they have really cute clothing for girls and boys. I love the personalized message I get each time I order something new. Added bonus they donate any unsaleable clothing to charities. Now that is awesome!

2) Tantrum

One of those shops you will pass by and probably not look at twice. It doesn’t look like much from the outside and you have to be up for a bit of sorting through some ordinary items. That said, I have also found the most spectacular items from this shop. Clothing from overseas, which you don’t find in South Africa and quality fabrics. We have probably gotten the most compliments for a little dress we found here! If you are lucky you may also get your hands on some gorgeous wooden toys, but they sell fast, I’m still trying to get my hands on some. This shop is not online sadly, and requires cash or snap scan, but the finds are well worth it! Go check them out in Kenilworth.

3) Petit Fox

There’s something about this shop that makes me feel like I’m shopping e x p e n s i v e….mmhhh:-) Maybe it’s the French name, or maybe it’s the designer name brands, either way this second hand online shop is one of my favs. Online shopping has become the only way I shop these days. Which mom has time and energy with a toddler hanging off them to go into a manic shopping centre to look for clothes. Not me! I do most of my shopping at night on my couch in the peace and quiet of my home…glass of wine in tow. Now that’s what I am talking about!!

4) Merry Pop Ins

Beautiful designer clothing, and toys. A lot of the clothing is from overseas, and is for children from 0-12 years! Clothing is in excellent condition. Their toys are stunning, but sell like hot cakes so be sure to be quick. They are located in Bree street, Cape Town. I love the open feel of the shop. No card facilities, so be sure to take cash. You are guaranteed to find a bargain!



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