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The Staycation

There’s something about going away for a holiday verses staying in your own home during a break. I’ve tried staying at home for a holiday, but inevitably there’s some admin, a broken house pipe, a bill that needs to be seen to, the sick dog, the one person you just do not feeling like seeing or some unforeseen circumstance that pushes its face at you. It’s unavoidable. Getting away is the only option for us as a family to really cut off, reconnect and recharge. We need a few of these a year!

This has all just gotten a bit more complicated now that we have an active little one and a half year old. Long road trips take a lot more planning, and to be honest I just haven’t had the stamina up until now to do it. What we did do was take a much needed incredible 4 day break.

The mini break…completely underrated! As Cape Townians,we are are pretty darn spoilt for choice! Watch this space…the staycay is our new go to and I’m going to be blogging all about it!

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