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Little Miss’s Rainbow Party

Yes…it has taken a whole year of procrastination, or I could say “juggling the journey of motherhood” to finally get my butt into gear to write my first blog! Added bonus I get to kick it off with our Little Miss’s First Birthday Party. Who doesn’t love a party, right!

Let me set things straight; the months running up to the party I was adamant that I was NEVER going to be one of those parents who go overboard for the first birthday…mhh. Apparently I still have a lot to learn. We wanted something intimate, with the closest of friends and family, budget friendly, awesome healthy kiddie friendly food and a CAKE. A kick ass Rainbow Cake…yeah!



Well the cake was an absolute disaster…it had this mama in tears.

I’m ALL about the cake, I don’t bake a whole lot, but I’m pretty competent at baking and of all days this had to be the flop (face palm). Honest motherhood at it’s best! In my defense I was making a completely sugar-free, natural colourant, RAINBOW cake. A little over ambitious? Let’s blame it on the recipe.  I’ll be sure to post a recipe and pics as soon as I pluck up the courage to take on the challenge again, it’s really going to be worth it.



Tip: rope in your super talented, amazing besties.


edit birthday8

Who knew a low sugar party for kids could be done, happy kids happier parents and a happier sleep time…haha! The kids devoured their rainbow fruit skewers, strawberries dipped in white chocolate, and the boudoir biscuits (I managed to find sugar-free ones) dipped in white chocolate and lots of sprinkles.



In our home birthdays are a week-long celebration! We were so rocking the rainbow backdrop, we kept it up for a whole week. The backdrop cost us next to nothing and was so awesomely colourful. I’ve left the breakdown at the bottom of the page for some inspiration.



Did I mention the colourful ball pit? I’m unashamedly a sucker for finding a deal, got these second-hand, gave them a clean and we were good to go! The kids LOVED it!



Ribbon (rainbow colours) - R80 (in total)
Polystyrene O-N-E (we had 2 of these on both sides) - R60
Rainbow Balloons - R40
Total: R180



Special thank you to freedom bakery who came to the rescue with an amazing sugar-free red velvet cake,  crisis averted! And my amazing friend who made the rainbow balloons (thank you Pinterest…haha).



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