Debunking the Myths



“I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best” B Disraeli
By all means have a plan, I had one. Write it out, share it with whom ever it needs to be shared with and then put it away because pregnancy never goes according to a perfect plan. Save yourself from having expectations that may not be met. I’m so glad I did this, it has saved me from regrets, crazy expectations, and it made me a whole lot calmer. Truly, I was surprisingly so chilled about my pregnancy,and birth process. I think it’s partly cause I didn’t over-analyze it. I knew what I wanted, and, I was somewhat disappointed when some things didn’t go to plan, but we were able to make clear decisions for the safety of our little one, instead of a driving passion for a dream to be fulfilled.



Let me just have my moment here….bwahahahaha!!! It’s a little more complicated than that, and yes it may happen, but then again it may not. This definitely also doesn’t change how I feel about nursing, I have loved it, and would encourage anyone to do it if they can.  I was SO amped to breastfeed, and was just waiting for the inches to melt away. And I waited and I waited and I waited…I am still waiting. Take the pressure off of yourself, and allow your body to ‘heal’ on its own in it’s own time. There’s nothing wrong with you, try not to compare yourself to others…we have all been made differently.



Ummm…myth debunked. These are not little robots we are dealing with. They are kiddos, all with their own identity, and their own needs. You may have a darling who sleeps through, woohoo, crack open the champagne and celebrate! There is no one shoe-fits-all-scenario, and NO you are not doing anything wrong if your little one does not sleep through. While you may be dealing with a little one not sleeping through, another mom may be dealing with a teething baby crying, and another mom dealing with a spirited little toddler. Be slow to judge as a mom and careful what you say, that mama needs your support, not to hear over and over how amazing your child is. Every child and mama will have their season of challenges, they just won’t always be the same. But remember to celebrate when they do sleep through, it’s a biggie, and SO worth celebrating!



It gets BETTER. I know what you are thinking, but it really does, hear me out! You get to share in one of the most intimate experiences with your significant other. The experience of childbirth, or the experience of adoption is such an intimate experience that it can really bind you to your partner in an incredible way. This is a special journey unique to the two of you that you get to walk together. That is AMAZING! You also now know your husband has seen you in ALL your glory (there’s little to childbirth that leaves much to the imagination) but the amazing thing is that, that guy, STILL loves you, and STILL thinks you are smoking hot. He has LOVED you through everything. Now if there isn’t something quite as romantic and beautiful as that, then I just don’t know! I think it is because of all of this, that even though it may not be as frequent as before, it is far far more intimate and special!




One of the all time reasons I was completely freaked out to have kids, is that I didn’t want to completely lose myself. I didn’t want to become one of ‘those’ moms…you know the kind that can’t hold a conversation about anything other than ‘Jonny’s bum rash’. Yes you know who I am talking about. I alsodidn’t want to become one of those ‘mom only’ moms. We all have those friends…you know the ones who have a baby and completely fall off the face of this earth. You don’t hear from them, but see their regular Facebook feeds with their new besties (other moms and their little ones).

One of the first things I noticed the day after our daughter was born, is how “normal” I felt. I still felt like me…hallelujah!I didn’t miraculously become a complete bore overnight, I still loved doing the things I had always loved. And, I am happy to report I can still hold a pretty decent conversation. Quite honestly I crave those girls nights out where I can talk about anything other than the monstrous poop nappy I had to clean just before I arrived. I love my gang of gals, and that hasn’t changed. Actually I think I may just love and appreciate them just that little bit more…


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10 thoughts on “Debunking the Myths

  1. So much truth! I remember people looking at me almost in accusation because I didn’t lose any weight while breastfeeding/pumping! So frustrating! And I didn’t have a birth plan since I had a Home birth and my midwife knew what I wanted! But I did have just a couple things I let my husband and midwife know of that I did or didn’t want in case we had to go to the hospital! Great post!

  2. I love all your list, it is really difficult when babies don’t sleep and all you want is just a few minutes to nap. These lists are a great help for new moms. After 3 kids, I could say that each baby is unique and you’ll always learn something new.

  3. hahaha you had me going with the breastfeeding one! I thought it would help me lose the weight but it didn’t and its also giving me the biggest appetite ever! (but I do love the experience :))

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