Mediterranean Breakfast Frittata

Quick and Easy Mediterranean Breakfast Frittata

When I am not sure what to make for breakfast, or our fridge is looking rather uninspiring a breakfast frittata is on the menu. This deliciously healthy breakfast is one of our go to breakfasts, and is so easy to make.

The options are endless, as long as you have eggs you can add whatever is going…onions, peppers, tomatoes,spinach,cheese. I love the versatility of this recipe. Don’t be shy, and what ever you love. I LOVE Mediterranean flavours, this recipe just hits the spot!

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The Secret To Flawless Skin

“You’ve got such great skin”, “Your skin is so flawless”, are words we all want hear. I definitely don’t have perfect skin, but I do have a few ‘rules’ I live by.  I am sure genetics play a role in having great looking skin as you get older, but I believe the lifestyle you live and how you look after your skin definitely plays it part in having amazing looking skin, and aids in the anti aging process. Here are a few of my personal, tried and tested hacks. They won’t only be good for Continue reading “The Secret To Flawless Skin”

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KOMMETJIE STAYCAY – where to go?



A mere 40 minute drive from the leafy suburbs of Cape Town, and you will find yourself in the village of Kommetjie, on the West Coast of the South Peninsula. Surrounded by the ocean and the mountain, this rural, eco friendly, laid back village is a surfers paradise. Kommetjie is like a little village unto its own, it has a community of its own, and marches to it’s own beat. It feels just far enough, that it actually allows you to feel like you are away on a holiday and just close enough that you can actually have a ‘peaceful’, family friendly drive!

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The Staycation

There’s something about going away for a holiday verses staying in your own home during a break. I’ve tried staying at home for a holiday, but inevitably there’s some admin, a broken house pipe, a bill that needs to be seen to, the sick dog, the one person you just do not feeling like seeing or some unforeseen circumstance that pushes its face at you. It’s unavoidable. Getting away is the only option for us as a family to really cut off, reconnect and recharge. We need a few of these a year! Continue reading “The Staycation”

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Top Shops For The Frugal Mama

I have this wicked eye for the most expensive clothing. If you are anything like me you will know what I am talking about when I say, I somehow always LOVE the most expensive clothing. I have even gone as far as testing myself when browsing the pages of my favourite fashion mag. I cover Continue reading “Top Shops For The Frugal Mama”

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Denim Must Have…

There is always room for more denim...

Just when I thought we had had our denim fill, along came the denim skirt. I’m in denim love! I would go so far as to say it’s a staple which should be in every wardrobe. It’s the perfect mix between comfort and style. Plus it’s so versatile. The denim skirt can be dressed up or down, classic or retro, sexy or girlie.

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