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An incredible morning with Just Frame Me Photography

Rarely do you come across a photographer who makes you feel so comfortable that you almost forget they are there.Β  Karien from Just Frame Me Photography spent the morning snapping some pics of us and the Little Miss while we chatted about her unusual accent and her travels! I actually won this amazing competition for a family shoot, yeah you heard right I ACTUALLY won something!! The excitement WAS unreal. We were beyond blessed to have had Karien photograph our little tribe.

Here are some of our favourites…


10 high-resolution

05 high-resolution

06 high-resolution


We love Karien’s completely laid back and unassuming style. To my husbands utter delight our photo shoot felt like it was over before it even started! As fate would have it, all 3 of us had one of those sleepless nights (we can thank the teething). I’m not sure how Karien managed it with us all barely there, but wowzer…we LOVE! Our fury family member, Diesel, was supposed to be in the pics. He is so flipping adorable and it would have made the cutest pics, but the all round grumpiness was all a bit too much for this mama to handle. Take a guess as to who managed to catch an awesome nap on the way home…



15 high-resolution

44 high-resolution


Altydgedacht is such a cute farm venue, we had never heard of it before, but can’t wait to go back! Super chilled, and the perfect place, if you have kids, to let them explore…and if you don’t, it’s the perfect spot to grab something to eat and soak up the vineyards and farm life. The food looked amazing (we didn’t get to stay for something to eat), but I caught a glimpse of their burger…YUM! We will definitely be back. It’s definitely a spot to check out if you are on that side of the world!

story board 4What a great morning, with such special memories!











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