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So…this is a little bit about me.

I’ve never considered myself much of a writer, but I love exploring and I have a passion for finding beautiful things…and I love sharing what I find, so here we are! If you love beautiful, hip and trendy things (with a little bit of edge) I hope you feel right at home. I AM a mom, but this is not your typical mom blog, because I am MUCH more than just a mom, I’m me, I’m still the girl I was before I became a mom, and I believe it’s important for us girls to remember that!

By day I’m a musician (violinist), who has a sneaky passion for jazz and who loves letting her hair down to some rock ‘n roll! I spend my time teaching my little minions, and gigging at some of Cape Town’s most awesome venues. I’m working on becoming a better guitarist, can play the piano, and have learning the saxophone insight (Jazz!!). So although this blog isn’t about music AT ALL, it’s a big part of the other part of my life. I’ve also co-owned a preloved wedding dress company;-)

My husband and I love road tripping. I LOVE food. We have a gorgeous baby girl. I am slightly obsessed with online shopping (thanks to my sister…eek). And there’s always something planned in the diary with my gang of girls! I’m your average girl next door navigating what it means to be a wife, and modern day mama living this crazy life.


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